Yoga and meditation are more than just a way to calm down and stay flexible. Both practices have powerful and long-term benefits for both the body and mind. Adding yoga and meditation into your daily life is a great way to reduce anxiety, improve memory, and sleep better. Read on to see the full benefits of yoga and meditation and how they can improve your life.




Improved Posture

Sitting at a desk all day, long commutes and general fatigue can all lead to bad posture and cause long term damage to the spine. Establishing a strong posture can increase confidence and health while bad posture can lead to low energy and aches.

Yoga strengthens the core muscles and eases tightness in the lower back which makes it easier to stand tall and keep your shoulders back. There is a wide variety of poses for all experience levels that can benefit your posture,


Better Sleep

Incorporating yoga into a nightly routine is one of the best ways to wind down after a long day and get restorative sleep. Yoga allows you to focus and strip away all the thoughts and stress that are swirling around your mind. A good stretch also helps relieve any aches and pains that can keep you from falling asleep easily.


Healthy Heart

Yoga’s combination of breathing, stress relief and exercise makes it perfect for keeping your heart healthy. Doing yoga can slow the heart rate down and lead to lower blood pressure because stress and anxiety have been linked with heart disease and high blood pressure.



Stress and Anxiety Relief

There is a reason so many stressed people come to try meditation – it works. Stress produces an unhealthy buildup of a hormone called cortisol that produces inflammation. This inflammation can lead to high blood pressure and anxiety. A recent study shows that consistent meditation participants deal with stress by reducing the inflammation caused by cortisol.

Meditation is also known to improve symptoms due to anxiety and panic by promoting a peaceful mind and calm existence.


Improves Attention and Memory

Meditation can act as an exercise for your brain, allowing you to concentrate harder and longer. Several studies have demonstrated that people who practice meditation were able to stay on task for longer periods of time as well as recall details better than those who did not meditate.

One of meditation’s key long-term benefits is its ability to combat memory loss, especially in elderly participants. Meditating increases the blood flow to the outer cortex of the brain, which is responsible for memory and attention.


Emotional Health

Taking a few moments of the day to meditate can improve both internal and external emotions. Meditation causes us to become at peace with ourselves and develops a strong sense of self-acceptance. After establishing this sense of self-love, kindness and happiness can then be shared with others in social settings. It is no surprise that meditation has been proven to increase levels of kindness and compassion.


If yoga and meditation seem like a big commitment, don’t worry. Just taking a few moments out of your day can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

– Avery Bullock