Heal Your Anger Mindfully


PODCAST - If you’ve been troubled by how to express anger in your life – and yet, you seemed filled with it at times – this one’s [...]

Heal Your Anger Mindfully2019-02-05T12:30:25-08:00

Building an Anger-Focused Niche


PODCAST - Andrea talks about the signs of passive-aggressiveness: being negative in good times, chronic lateness, and forgetfulness. The person never understands why their behavior angers others. [...]

Building an Anger-Focused Niche2017-09-19T11:15:36-08:00

Shrink On The Couch Podcast


PODCAST - Mindful Anger Book review Podcast - Shrink on the Couch Andrea shares about how growing up in a passive aggressive household effected her own struggle with [...]

Shrink On The Couch Podcast2017-09-19T11:17:58-08:00

One Radio Network


PODCAST - Patrick Tipone, of One Radio Network, interviews Dr. Andrea Brandt about her new book: Mindful Anger - A Pathway to Emotional Freedom. Listen Here

One Radio Network2017-09-19T11:21:06-08:00

Fox News Radio


PODCAST - The Alan Colmes Radio Show speaks with Dr. Andrea Brandt about "Mindful Anger". Listen Here          

Fox News Radio2017-09-19T11:21:31-08:00