The Gifts of Loss


We’re talking about death and other losses. Sounds fun, right? Well, actually…our return guest, Dr. Andrea Brandt says death is really just a good way to get [...]

The Gifts of Loss2018-10-12T08:03:06-08:00

Everyday Mindfulness PodCast


“Old” is Relevant — Reclaim the Word “Old” and Reclaim your Longevity Bonus with Special Guest Dr. Andrea Brandt Why is experimentation during aging seldom discussed? Making [...]

Everyday Mindfulness PodCast2018-02-09T13:37:44-08:00

2-Questions TV with Susan Barocini


In today’s episode, Susan talks with Dr. Andrea Brandt, a renowned psychotherapist, speaker, and author of the book, “Mindful Aging: Embracing Your Life After 50 to Find [...]

2-Questions TV with Susan Barocini2018-02-09T11:46:28-08:00

Keep it Juicy with Helen Mitternight


PODCAST - There's good news and bad news. The bad news is…we’re all going to die. The good news? Well, Dr. Andrea Brandt says it’s not about the [...]

Keep it Juicy with Helen Mitternight2018-01-10T12:33:53-08:00

Fearless Fabulous You –


PODCAST - Three words to live by to stay vibrant and young in spirit: Mindfulness, Passion, and Purpose. World-renowned psychotherapist, Andrea Brant PhD, MFT, author of "Mindful [...]

Fearless Fabulous You –2017-12-22T11:48:28-08:00

NetGalley REVIEW


Book Review - "Aging... it's something we're all doing, yet never talk about. After all, who wants to contemplate their own mortality? This book was a very [...]

NetGalley REVIEW2017-12-20T15:01:41-08:00

Realistic Positivity


BOOK INTERVIEW - Some people seem to be authentically positive—optimistic, uplifting to be around, at peace with themselves—even though they may have, like all of us, lived [...]

Realistic Positivity2017-12-11T10:06:46-08:00

Increasing Happiness After 50


PODCAST - Don’t let the ominous perception of “aging” – a lack of purpose, feeling irrelevant and under-used, having nothing to do – take control of you [...]

Increasing Happiness After 502017-12-11T10:33:37-08:00

Aging Gracefully


PODCAST - We’re often told as we get older things are going to change. We’re going to feel worse, and it’s just part of aging. What if [...]

Aging Gracefully2017-11-06T14:56:35-08:00

Out Of The Box with Christine


PODCAST - Are you in your 40s, 50s or 60s? Get ready to throw out those negative stereotypes about getting older and discover how you can change [...]

Out Of The Box with Christine2017-10-30T12:06:46-08:00

Dishing With Judith About Mindful Aging


PODCAST - Judith Mancini is dishing the details of Mindful Aging; Embracing Your Life After 50 to Find Fulfillment, Purpose, and Joy with author Andrea Brandt, PhD, [...]

Dishing With Judith About Mindful Aging2017-10-25T14:20:32-08:00

Mindful Aging Book Endorsements


If you're concerned about growing older, don't be. Andrea Brandt not only lays our concerns to rest about what awaits us as we age, she demonstrates how [...]

Mindful Aging Book Endorsements2017-09-25T10:23:03-08:00