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Book Reviews and Interviews

Andrea is frequently interviewed for her work on Mindful Anger, Passive Aggressiveness, and Aging.

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Creating a Mindset to Have the Best Years Yet

Note: In this first of a three-part series adapted from the upcoming book Mindful Aging: Embracing Your Life after 50 [...]

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Building an Anger-Focused Niche

Andrea talks about the signs of passive-aggressiveness: being negative in good times, chronic lateness, and forgetfulness. The person never understands [...]

Health Radio Interview *only 15 minutes*

Podcast - This interview will give you a great 15 minute review on Andrea's book Mindful Anger Fantastic upbeat interview [...]

Untangling Anger by Dr. Charles Sophie

Podcast - Untangling Anger by Dr. Charles Sophy. Podcast Interview for Mindful Anger Listen Here  

Getting Up Close and Personal With Anger

Podcast - Laura Reagan interviews Andrea about her book Mindful Anger. Listen Here    

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6 Signs Your Date is Secretly Passive-Aggressive

A relationship with a passive-aggressive person is exhausting. You’re never sure if “I’m not mad” really means “I’m mad,” or [...]

I Want To Like You: Passive Aggressive People

Podcast - Real Simple; An interview about Andrea's book; 8 Keys to Eliminating Passive Aggressiveness

Using Mindfulness to Combat Your Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Article - This is a great article on anger management and book review written by Andrea for about her [...]

The Secret To Dealing With Passive-Aggressive People

Interview & Article on Passive-Aggressive Behavior by Amanda L. Chan Managing Editor, Healthy Living - HuffPost   Ah, passive aggression. [...]