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Learn about yourself, in a small group setting

A powerful and fulfilling journey

I am an experienced practitioner of somatic psychology, and employ numerous methodologies, interventions, orientations, and treatment plans. Whether one on one or in a group settings, I guide people toward heightened awareness and intuition and reveal positive paths to emotional health.

I truly enjoy teaching others how to empower and reinvent themselves and to help bring understanding, enthusiasm, and happiness to your lives.  I have been holding this group since the 1980s. Groups have a mind of their own in a way. Learning about your self, in a small group setting, is a powerful and fulfilling journey.

8 Keys to Eliminating Passive-Aggressiveness Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore passive-aggression in detail and look at its sources.

I’ll introduce eight keys to helping those with passive-aggressive tendencies find new ways to relate to their anger and to express their needs and feelings more directly.

Passive Aggressive Workshop

passive aggressive workshop santa monica


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