Mindful Aging Workshop

This took place at the 2018 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington DC

Mindful Aging; Finding Fulfillment, Purpose, and Joy in Later Life


More than 100 million Americans are over the age of 50 today, and while research concludes we can grow and enhance our lives at every age, stereotypes about aging still plague our society, contributing to the boredom, isolation, depression, and decline we often see in older clients. In this workshop, you’ll gain insight and practical tools to help older clients find fulfillment. You’ll explore:

  • Specific mindfulness practices that may increase self-awareness and decrease reactivity for clients
  • A nine-step process that helps clients get unstuck from their past, release emotional wounds, combat limiting beliefs, and let go of resentments and regrets
  • Methods to help clients make new choices that can energize them
  • The scientifically supported benefits of exercise, creativity, spirituality, and service to others as we age, and the implications for client treatment
  • Strategies for clients who are facing life-altering questions as they approach retirement




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