Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?

Do you sabotage your own chance of success and happiness?

Does a lack of resiliency keep you stuck in the past?

People who come to me seek help for many reasons. They feel lonely or have low self-esteem, they express their anger in ways that damage their lives, or they lack deep, meaningful connections both with themselves and others. I talk with patients both about the current situation that made them seek therapy, as well as about their past and whether they have unresolved issues from childhood.

Dealing with Childhood Emotional Trauma in Santa Monica, CA

Issues I treat include:

Complex Trauma – Exposure to traumatic events can have a wide-ranging and long-term impact, especially when the trauma occurred in childhood. Attachment trauma like abuse or neglect can disrupt a person’s ability to form secure relationships and even damages their ability to form a stable sense of self.

Low self-esteem – Our beliefs about ourselves are based on our life experiences, so when our experiences are negative the beliefs we form are likely to be negative as well. Exposure to highly critical voices in childhood can lead to low self-esteem in adulthood when we internalize criticism and use it in our self-talk.  We can feel we have little value and are inadequate.

Childhood emotional wounds – Experiences that emotionally wounded us as children may make us unable to process our feelings and regulate our emotions in a healthy, helpful way as adults. In order to let these wounds heal, we must first uncover and examine them and learn to release our feelings.

Anger – Many of us have an unhealthy relationship with our anger and express it in ways that damage our relationships and us. We may dump our anger on others through yelling or physical displays of aggression, or express our anger through passive aggression; neither leads to a healthy, successful life.

Trouble connecting with others – In recent years there has been an explosion of new research into how our childhood attachment to our caregivers, and our caregivers response to us, can profoundly alter our adult lives. Unmet needs and issues with attachment and boundaries that originated in childhood can make it hard for us to connect with others and maintain healthy relationships.


Recent Testimonial:

I so appreciate you, and I attribute my…sanity and peace during this time to you. You are excellent at your job and when I get back to California or back on my feet financially, I will definitely come back to you. You changed my life, really, by being a non judgmental woman/mother figure/stand-in. 

Thank you 🙂




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