combat your passive-aggressive behavior with mindfulnessEvery emotion you feel is a message. Emotions tell you how your environment is affecting you, when your boundaries have been violated, and when your needs aren’t being met. Combat your passive-aggressive behavior with mindfulness.

Since anger is unarguably the most shunned emotion in our culture, you may feel an overwhelming urge to suppress it when you feel it stirring inside you. Stuffing your anger would work if your psyche were like a tunnel and feelings could slip harmlessly out the other end. Instead, your psyche is more like an expanding bag, growing bigger and heavier the more you let your emotions go unheard. When you ignore your anger, it can come out in the form of passive-aggressive behavior. The key to combating passive-aggressiveness is mindfulness. Mindfulness will help you embrace the truth of your experiences—including anger.

Here are 17 anger management techniques I recommend.

Mindfulness and Anger Management

The first step to managing your anger is to sit with it long enough to hear what it wants to tell you. To do this, you must turn to your body.