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Books by Andrea Brandt, PhD, MFT

Passive Aggressive Book Dr Andrea Brandt

8 Keys to Eliminating Passive Aggressiveness

A guide to dealing with this common and frustrating form of behavior

Many people often say “yes” to something when they’d rather say “no.” They offer cooperation through words, but reveal how they really feel through actions that contradict what they’ve said. That behavior is called passive-aggression. At its heart, passive-aggression is about being untrue to oneself, which makes it impossible to have healthy relationships with others. Passive-aggression as a communication method doesn’t make someone “bad”; it is simply a coping mechanism learned in childhood that became a hard-to-break habit. Changing passive-aggressive behavior requires knowledge, tools, and practice.

This book offers hands-on exercises and eight effective methods for transforming passive-aggression into healthy assertiveness and constructive communication.

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 A Quick Peek at a Recent Review:

Hi Andrea – I am a huge fan of 8 Keys to Eliminating Passive-Aggressiveness! Thanks for writing it. I teach inmates conflict resolution and communication skills and came upon your book after completing a recent 10-session course bristling with participant’s passive-aggressive behaviors.

I have since set new standards for class behavior, addressed passive-aggressiveness head on, and have been pleasantly surprised to observe class participants call out their own poor behaviors in humorous ways! In addition, I have been able to observe and identify my own p-g behaviors allowing me to seek out new, more productive responses to conflict.

Thanks again for writing this immensely helpful book. ~ Chris

Mindful Anger by Dr. Andrea Brandt, Santa Monica therapist

Mindful Anger: A Pathway to Emotional Freedom

How to release anger and reconnect using mindfulness techniques

Most people grow up thinking anger is bad: we shouldn’t feel it, and if we do, we certainly shouldn’t show it. Unfortunately, repressing anger doesn’t make it disappear. Instead, we end up with physical and emotional ailments, addictions, self-defeating behaviors, and the very explosions we were trying to avoid.

In this book, renowned psychotherapist and anger expert Dr. Andrea Brandt reveals the merits of this misunderstood emotion and shows how mindfulness of our anger – nonjudgmentally focusing attention and awareness on it – can help us identify its cause, receive its message, and channel its energy into enhanced communication and relationships.

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Mindful Anger Bonus Materials:
A workbook is available for purchase to use in conjunction with Mindful Anger: a pathway to emotional freedom. – See below

A Quick Peek at a Recent Review:

New review of Mindful Anger that was published in The British Journal of Guidance & Counseling.

“Interspersed with useful exercises, mindfulness techniques, case examples, sample scenarios as well as the author’s real-life experiences . . .  [this book] will help you discover how anger manifests itself in your life and how to use mindfulness to release this anger positively, leading to a kind of self-liberalisation. . . .

Useful to those in helping professions like counselors and psychotherapists . . . . As this book addresses a globally relevant issue, that is, anger, through the use of both Eastern and Western techniques, it becomes a resource that can be used by practitioners from across the world.”

Materials for Purchase

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Mindful Anger Bonus Materials

Use this workbook in conjunction with Mindful Anger: a pathway to emotional freedom. (above)

This challenging and rewarding work will redefine the role anger plays in your life.  You’ll gain new perspectives and transform your anger from a destructive force to a positive tool for growth and understanding.  Experience how your anger can actually free you to be more honest and loving in your personal relationships, as well as more confident and successful in your career.

Price: $20.00

Living Beyond Anger, Living with Love Workbook

Strategies and activities that will help you harness feelings of anger to create positive payoffs. This workbook includes a conflict resolution checklist and a daily anger journal. Learn and practice expressing your anger in a healthy manner, communicating and listening, identifying problems with anger and expressions of unhealthy guilt, and gain tips on how to handle an angry ex.

Price: $20.00 

The Anger Zone CD with Andrea Brandt, Ph.D., M.F.T.

anger-zone-cd-coverIn this engaging and instructional CD, Dr. Andrea Brandt combines entertainment with education to teach the anger management skills you can use to improve your relationships and to explain how the positive aspects of anger can enhance your self-esteem. Produced by the Academy Radio Theater.

Price: $15.00

Transform Anger Into Money Workbook

These days it’s easy to get your adrenaline pumping about money concerns, your job, business, retirement, and your family’s financial challenges. Money and anger can drive couples apart unless they consciously address necessary changes. Imagine taking that adrenaline power and redirecting it into a positive force, actually freeing you financially, improving your relationships, and helping you to behave more rationally.

This workbook will help you learn to: transform poverty thinking into prosperity thinking, notice warning signals that your anger has been triggered around money, and more. You can become more aware of your thinking and behavior around money and anger, and you can learn to develop better approaches. In this workbook you will gain powerful tools and learn valuable lessons, like:

  • Using the psychology of money to reduce financial fear and loss
  • Increasing prosperity thinking and financial empowerment
  • Developing mind-body awareness to turn financial stress and anger into abundance
  • Identifying and controlling anger triggers

Price: $20.00

Turn Adrenaline into Money (6-CD Set)

turn-adrenaline-into-money-cd-coverThese days it’s easy to get your adrenaline pumping about your money concerns, your job, business, retirement and family’s financial challenge.! Imagine taking that adrenaline power and redirecting it into a positive force… actually freeing yourself financially, improving relationships and behaving more rationally. You can learn powerful tools and valuable lessons that affect your life in profoundly positive ways:

  • Using Psychology of Money to reduce financial fear and loss * Increasing Prosperity Thinking and financial empowerment
  • Developing mind-body awareness to turn financial stress and anger into abundance
  • Identifying and controlling anger triggers

You’ll do more than just listen; you’ll take action by participating in stimulating. This 6 CD Set will make an enormous difference in helping you create the prosperous life you’ve always wanted!

Price: $75.00