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Articles and Posts by Andrea Brandt, PhD

Welcome: I enjoy writing blogs on AngerRelationshipsMindful LivingAnxiety, and Aging. I am a contributing editor to Psychology Today so you can find all my posts for that magazine here. I also contribute blogs to other websites as well, so please check out In the Media.

You can listen to me speak about my books on various radio interviews as well as read my book reviews.

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It’s a Family Thing: When Passive-Aggressiveness Is Passed On

“I hope I never turn into my mother,” you say. “You sound just like your father,” you’re told. If one [...]

Is Your Anger a Cover for Shame?

If you have a quick temper, if you shout, if you slam doors, your problem may not actually be your [...]

When Passive Aggression Is the Third Party in Your Relationship

When your partner is passive-aggressive, it can feel like passive-aggression is the third party in your relationship. Passive-aggressiveness not only [...]

7 Steps to Resolving Conflicts With Your Passive-Aggressive Partner

Most people are afraid of conflict in their relationships. No one really enjoys getting into arguments with their partner, right? [...]

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9 Steps to Heal Childhood Trauma in Adults

Trauma generates emotions, and unless we process these emotions at the time the trauma occurs, the emotions become stuck in [...]

Tether Points: How Emotional Wounds Keep Us Stuck in the Past

Every fight follows the same path, or every friendship ends the same way, or one romantic partner blends into the [...]

How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Us? An Interview With Andrea Brandt

Childhood trauma In what ways do children internalize trauma, versus the way someone who experienced trauma as an [...]

5 Things You Can Do Today to Combat Social Anxiety

As kids we’re taught not to talk to strangers, then when we’re adults, we’re supposed to be suddenly good at [...]

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4 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself and Build Self-Empathy

“You are a failure.” “You look ugly today.” “Everyone’s life is better than yours.” Have you ever said these things [...]

3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help Us as We Age

Living mindfully means living in a state of awareness. You savor every flavor, admire every sunset, cherish every moment with [...]

How to Live a Regret-Free Life

What is the difference between a mistake and a learning experience? Perspective. When we see mistakes as learning experiences, regret [...]

9 Health Experts Reveal How They Stick to Their Resolutions

4. Think Beyond Fixing a Problem Set your sights higher than mere solutions to problems, and focus on what you [...]

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Why Boundaries Are Necessary for a Healthy Relationship

“Healthy boundaries” is one of those therapy-tinged phrases that is often used and rarely understood. If you ever find yourself [...]

Repairing Your Relationship With Your Mother

How you related to your mother when you were young has a profound impact on your adult relationships—and your relationship [...]

Are Female Friendships the Key to Happiness in Older Women?

You support one another during times of major change like marriage, divorce, and retirement; you comfort one another during times [...]

A Good Apology Is Hard to Find

Apologies have been in the news a lot lately — both genuine apologies and refusals to apologize. Every day, women [...]

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Coping with Loss as We Age

One inevitable feature of life is coping with life as we age. Some losses are minor; some are massive. We [...]

Can People Really Change? Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, and CBT

Many of us learned in high school biology class that genetic traits are passed down to us from our parents. [...]

3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help Us as We Age

Living mindfully means living in a state of awareness. You savor every flavor, admire every sunset, cherish every moment with [...]

3 Keys to Enhancing Your Love Life After Retirement

Technically, retirement means the end of one’s career. But anyone who’s retired or is close to retiring knows that that’s [...]