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Welcome: I enjoy writing blogs on AngerRelationshipsMindful LivingAnxiety, and Aging. I am a contributing editor to Psychology Today so you can find all my posts for that magazine here. I also contribute blogs to other websites as well, so please check out In the Media.

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Is Our Culture to Blame for Our Unhealthy Anger?

We tend to think of emotional reactions as universal. The way I react to an event is the same way [...]

To Manage Your Anger, Give It a Name

Giving your partner the silent treatment, breaking a water glass in the middle of a fight, responding to criticism with [...]

It’s a Family Thing: When Passive-Aggressiveness Is Passed On

“I hope I never turn into my mother,” you say. “You sound just like your father,” you’re told. If one [...]

Is Your Anger a Cover for Shame?

If you have a quick temper, if you shout, if you slam doors, your problem may not actually be your [...]

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6 Signs It’s Time to Seek Help for Your Anxiety

Like all emotions, anxiety is healthy, and we’re all prone to feeling it sometimes. Anxiety can become a debilitating problem, [...]

How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

There are many reasons why it’s hard to keep a New Year’s resolution, and why over 50 percent of them [...]

Learning to Identify When It’s Anxiety, and When It’s Not

Anxiety is a tricky emotion. What might at first feel like anxiousness can, on more in-depth exploration, turn out to [...]

9 Steps to Heal Childhood Trauma in Adults

Trauma generates emotions, and unless we process these emotions at the time the trauma occurs, the emotions become stuck in [...]

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Understanding the Difference Between Feeling Blue and Depression by Melissa Howard

Life is hard at times, and we all know that. But how do we know when it’s “too hard” and [...]

The Dangers of Perfectionism

Do you often feel like you need things to be perfect to be satisfied? Is accepting flaws or failures in [...]

How to Stop Feeling Shame

Shame is one of the hardest emotions to talk about. It can also be the hardest emotion to recognize in [...]

Silence Negative Self-Talk In Just 5 Minutes a Day

Your pattern and style of self-talk most likely originate from the way your parents or caregivers spoke to and treated [...]

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How Reactive Behavior Damages Your Relationships

When you’re reactive, your feelings depend on external events outside your influence or control. Whether you have a good or [...]

Learn Empathy in Just 5 Steps

Your relationship with others determines much of your happiness and success in life. How you get along with coworkers, bosses, [...]

Why Boundaries Are Necessary for a Healthy Relationship

“Healthy boundaries” is one of those therapy-tinged phrases that is often used and rarely understood. If you ever find yourself [...]

Repairing Your Relationship With Your Mother

How you related to your mother when you were young has a profound impact on your adult relationships—and your relationship [...]

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Coping with Loss as We Age

One inevitable feature of life is coping with life as we age. Some losses are minor; some are massive. We [...]

How to Age Fearlessly

Emotions like fear are part of our human survival wiring. They compel us to act. When something scares us, we [...]

Can People Really Change? Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, and CBT

Many of us learned in high school biology class that genetic traits are passed down to us from our parents. [...]

3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help Us as We Age

Living mindfully means living in a state of awareness. You savor every flavor, admire every sunset, cherish every moment with [...]