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Welcome: I enjoy writing blogs on AngerRelationshipsMindful LivingAnxiety, and Aging. I am a contributing editor to Psychology Today so you can find all my posts for that magazine here. I also contribute blogs to other websites as well, so please check out In the Media.

You can listen to me speak about my books on various radio interviews as well as read my book reviews.

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Is Your Anger a Cover for Shame?

If you have a quick temper, if you shout, if you slam doors, your problem may not actually be your [...]

When Passive Aggression Is the Third Party in Your Relationship

When your partner is passive-aggressive, it can feel like passive-aggression is the third party in your relationship. Passive-aggressiveness not only [...]

7 Steps to Resolving Conflicts With Your Passive-Aggressive Partner

Most people are afraid of conflict in their relationships. No one really enjoys getting into arguments with their partner, right? [...]

Is Emotional Discomfort Good for You?

Anger doesn't feel good. It makes our hearts race and our palms sweat. It makes us feel anxious and scared. [...]

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How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Us? An Interview With Andrea Brandt

Childhood trauma In what ways do children internalize trauma, versus the way someone who experienced trauma as an [...]

5 Things You Can Do Today to Combat Social Anxiety

As kids we’re taught not to talk to strangers, then when we’re adults, we’re supposed to be suddenly good at [...]

How Childhood Emotional Trauma Impacts Adult Relationships

How Childhood Emotional Trauma Impacts Adult Relationships You may already be familiar with some of the ways childhood [...]

4 Ways Childhood Emotional Trauma Impacts Us as Adults

4 Ways Childhood Emotional Trauma Impacts Us as Adults Whether you witnessed or experienced violence as a child [...]

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How Self Love Saves Lives

When you love yourself, you don't rely on others for your self-esteem or self-image. When you love yourself, you feel [...]

6 Steps to a Positive Outlook on Life

Positive Outlook Whether it's January 1 or June 30, every day is one in which you can make [...]

Don’t Just Survive the Holidays, Enjoy Them

Don't Just Survive the Holidays, Enjoy Them It's that time of year again. The displays of small potted [...]

What Do We Mean When We Say “Self-Love?”

Therapists like myself spend a lot of time talking about self-love. But if you’re like many of my patients, you [...]

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10 Things Not to Do On a First Date (and Why They Turn Us Off)

10 Things Not to Do On a First Date We go into the first date experience full of [...]

Is it Possible to Fine-Tune Your Intuition?

Is it possible to fine-tune your intuition? Absolutely. Have you ever been on a date and thought "I [...]

How to Stop Passive Aggression from Ruining Your Relationship

ruining your relationship Learning to express anger in a healthy way will help couples resolve conflicts, instead of [...]

Harmful Behavior Inventory

I read once about a sign Oprah Winfrey posts in her office: "Please take responsibility for the energy you bring [...]

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7 Steps to Making Love Last in Your Later Years

There are few things more heart-warming than seeing a sweet-looking couple in their 90s holding hands and laughing together in [...]

How Relationships with Parents and Children Change as We Age

It’s a universal truth that we take things for granted, especially when we’re young. Even though we know that it’s [...]

Interview: Tips to avoid the onset of Alzheimer’s

According to psychotherapist Dr. Andrea Brandt, our brains remain “plastic” — able to change and make new connections — throughout [...]

5 Strategies to Get Over the Fears Holding You Back

How often do you feel like you are your own worst enemy? You frequently may find that what stands between [...]