My approach to therapy is interactive and integrative.

I consider myself a body-oriented therapist and believe there is wisdom in our feelings.

My therapeutic style is interactive and integrative. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy. Experience has shown me the therapy technique that works best is the one that’s tailor-made for the individual. In our work together, I will draw upon my decades of experience and training in research-proven Psychodynamic, Sensorimotor, and Gestalt modalities to provide you with therapy that is sensitive to your specific needs and goals.

My approach goes
beyond straightforward talk therapy.

I believe the storyteller is sometimes more interesting than the story.

My approach goes beyond straightforward talk therapy because I believe the storyteller is sometimes more interesting than the story. Instead of just going over and over the story of your life and never delving deeper, we’ll track the body to see what feelings, impulses, memories, and images exist under the words.  My practice is strongly informed by mindfulness and body interventions that ground you in the present moment and encourage you to pay attention to your bodily sensations, feelings, and beliefs to speed up the important process of healing and self-discovery and will help you overcome therapeutic barriers and regain your life energy. Results can be transformative.

Studies have shown that the single most important factor in predicting successful treatment outcomes is the relationship between therapist and patient. Whether you seek a marriage and family therapist, couples counseling, individual therapy, trauma therapy or anger management classes, I promise to provide a safe, collaborative, warm, and non-judgmental environment for you to express yourself and feel understood. Together we will examine your inner emotional resources, search for unhealed emotional wounds, and expose long-held beliefs that limit your potential.



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