Anxiety Treatment in Santa Monica, CA

With all the uncertainty in the world today, many people find it difficult to relax or unwind. If stressors like the COVID-19 pandemic or economic woes are causing problems with your mental health, you may benefit from anxiety therapy.

Andrea Brandt, PhD, MFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist working in Santa Monica, CA. My goal is to help people gain control of their emotions and their lives. If you’re struggling with anxiety, reach out today to learn how I can help.

Anxiety Issues

It’s natural to feel anxious from time to time, but anxiety disorders can take this natural feeling and elevate it to a point where people are unable to get through the day.  So when someone struggles this much, they need help from a professional who understands the patterns of growth and behavior that may have led them to this point.

So many things can contribute to anxiety, from major stressors to chemical imbalances in the brain, and individuals with anxiety may not be able to navigate these struggles on their own. My offerings for anxiety treatment range from individual therapy to group therapy, workshops, and classes. So patients can choose the path that works best for them and their own struggles, and I can provide valuable advice.

Compassionate Help

My name is Andrea Brandt, and I am licensed as a marriage and family counselor, and anger management therapist. I serve the Santa Monica, CA, area.

Most often, I use a variety of methods in my therapy sessions, such as psychodynamic therapy to increase self-awareness, EDMR therapy to process traumatic events, sensorimotor therapy to help patients become aware of their bodies, and AEDP therapy to strengthen mental resources.

To learn more about my approach to therapy and how I can help you through a challenging time, call (310) 828-2021 or fill out the contact form for an email. Together, we can find a way to ease your mental anguish and restore your confidence.