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I’m Andrea Brandt, a licensed family therapist, marriage counselor, and anger management therapist located in Santa Monica.

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Andrea Brandt, PhD, MFT

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I believe that every individual has an inner world that’s often at odds with the external one they live in. In my decades of work with a wide spectrum of patients from all walks of life, I’ve discovered that body-oriented therapy is the most effective treatment available today for people who seek to bring their inner world and external world into harmony. I specialize in an integrative therapy technique that combines Psychodynamic, Sensorimotor, AEDP, and EMDR modalities.

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I treat individuals, couples, and run
groups and workshops.

During our time together, we’ll talk about your past and your present, but we’ll also delve deeper than words. We will use mind-body interventions and pay close attention to the bodily sensations so we can explore what feelings, impulses, memories, and images exist under the words. My past clients have recovered from trauma, anxiety and depression, enhanced their social and work performance, learned how to develop and maintain healthy relationships, and eliminated longstanding, self-destructive behaviors such as explosive anger.

To my work as a therapist I bring not only my decades of clinical practice, but also my own experience confronting and surviving personal challenges. I am a recognized expert in treating a full range of emotional issues including anger, trauma, anxiety, aging, relationships, work-life balance, workplace, and women’s issues. I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Goddard University and a PhD in Philosophy with an emphasis in Psychology from Pacific Western University. I have also trained with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

I look forward to helping you work towards the fulfillment and balance you deserve.


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I look forward to helping you work towards the fulfillment and balance you deserve. 

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