Lately, I’ve heard many people asking if the post-pandemic summer of 2021 and the coming decade will be like a repeat of the 1920s — The Roaring Twenties 2.0, or the Roaring Twenty-Twenties, if you will. The comparison is apt. Then, people were just coming out of the 1918 influenza pandemic. They were happy to be alive and ready to experience life again.

Now that you’re vaccinated and free to meet and date new (also vaccinated) people, it’s time to brush off your dating skills or learn new ones. Start with these nine strategies for revving up your post-vaccination love life.

1. Identify What You’re Looking for. Ask yourself: What do I want right now? A serious relationship? Casual dating? Hot one-night stands?

According to a recent Kinsey Institute survey, 52% of singles say they’re now looking for a committed relationship. And those seeking the real deal are in luck. Sixty-four percent of respondents said they are less interested in having more than one partner at a time, 68% said they’re less likely to cheat, and 44% said that commitment itself is more important to them now.

If you were solo during the 15 or so months of lockdown, vaccination has been the light at the end of a long, lonely tunnel. Some singles went on socially distanced, masked dates, and others bided their time until it was safe to go out again. But either way, trying to date when kissing someone could literally kill you––to put it bluntly––sucked. Add to that the fact that every time you checked social media, you were inundated with photos of couples cuddled in quarantine together, binge-watching Tiger King or season 4 of The Crown, and that 52% number makes a lot of sense.

2. Get Yourself Date-Ready. Getting your post-vax love life started doesn’t just mean joining dating apps. Yes, you should do that, too. But giving your dating life a boost may take more than just downloading Hinge. If you’ve been wearing sweatpants for the past year or gained the Covid 15, consider freshening up your wardrobe a bit. All you need is one great first-date outfit to get going. A haircut will probably be on order, too, if you’ve been cutting your hair yourself for the past year. Consider trying a new look for the new post-pandemic you.