maintaining a good relationship Have you ever struggled maintaining a good relationship with your partner? And to meet your partner’s needs? I know I have, I somehow always seem to mess things up,  one day we are so in love and can’t spend one minute without each other and before you know it we can’t stand being in the same room and we feel disgusted even looking at one another!

So what went wrong? How did we go from one extreme to another in a short period of time?

Dr. Andrea Brandt will definitely be able to help us and to shed some light on where we went wrong. She is an extremely acknowledgeable psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience in emotional issues, relationship, work and life related issues and etc. Helping her patients is her number one priority. 

Even in the happiest relationships there will be disagreements and conflict. It’s completely natural and normal, and can be completely healthy if handled in a way that addresses your needs and your partner’s needs. Too often when there is conflict, you just want to win. You want to be right. You want your own needs met and you don’t think about meeting the other person’s. But, even if you “win” the fight, you’re just setting yourself up for another one. Recognizing and learning to meet your partner’s needs isn’t only a good way to treat the person you love, it’s also a good way to bring happiness to your relationship and, in turn, to you.