Secretly Passive-Aggressive

A relationship with a passive-aggressive person is exhausting. You’re never sure if “I’m not mad” really means “I’m mad,” or if their “I’m too tired” really means “I’m wide awake and pissed off.”

To save yourself from years of guessing games and arguments, you must learn to read the warning signs that passive aggression is lurking beneath your first date’s otherwise perfect-seeming façade.

Imagine you’re sitting at a restaurant on a great first date. Your date is attractive, smart, funny, and likes all the same things you do. Then the waiter comes to refill your glasses and clumsily spills water on the table. Suddenly, your date explodes in rage, screaming curses and insults at the waiter. You wouldn’t go on a second date with them, right?

The problem with passive aggression is that, unlike regular aggression, it’s much harder to recognize.

As an anger management therapist, I’ve learned how to quickly detect hidden anger. Now I’m passing my detection skills onto you. Next time you’re out with someone, see if you can spot one of these 6 signs your date is secretly passive-aggressive:

1. They’re Impatient and Get Frustrated Easily