Become More MindfulIt’s always a good time to resolve to make personal improvements that include new attitudes, changed behaviors and improved routines.

In looking back at my nearly three decades of counseling patients from all walks of life, I thought about what each person can resolve to do that would best serve them. And then it came to me — the one thing that everybody can focus on is to become more MINDFUL.

Mindfulness is important on so many levels, especially when it comes to living more consciously.

Women over 50 have so many reasons to be thankful because we really come into our own power when we reach this time in our lives. Here are 10 mindful ways that will help you resolve to change behaviors that will benefit your emotional health and happiness:

1. I resolve to be honest with myself & with others.

2. I resolve to take time to be mindful on a daily basis… even if for only 10 minutes a day.

3. I resolve to say what I mean & mean what I say.

4. I resolve to pay attention to my emotions and the emotions of others, so that I become more aware of when my boundaries are being violated.

5. I resolve to remember that energy follows thought.

6. I resolve to remember that my fear is NOT keeping me safe.

7. I resolve to identify the thoughts that are sabotaging my happiness, my success and my well-being.

8. I resolve to make sure my apologies are sincere and to take responsibility for making amends.

9. I resolve to brainstorm win-win solutions to conflicts so my family relationships can deepen and be more connected.

10. I resolve to honor my years and my knowledge with others and to do at least one good thing for myself each day